Over the years the Studio 2 venue seems to have taken a minor back-step from the heart of the Liverpool music scene but alas, no more. With a new team on board Studio2’s renewed focus will hold live music at the very heart and soul of the venue.

In house we have band green room, pool room, bar (which is relocated inside the old control room) fully functional sound and light systems, stage are and main standing or seating area with has capacity up to 200!

Formerly a world class recording studio as part of the Grammy Award winning Parr Street Studios complex; Studio2 is now a multi-functional events space specialising in live music. The structure of the old studio itself remains in tact; the bar is located in the old control room, complete with viewing window, wall mounted platinum records and other original features. The venue is available for hire night and day and hosts many in house events also. 

Parr Street Studios is a Grammy Award winning recording studio complex
in Liverpool. It started life in the North of the city (in the suburb of Kirby) as
Amazon Studios. Here albums such as ‘Ocean Rain’ by Echo and The
Bunnymen, ‘Meat is Murder’ by the Smiths and several of the early
Sabbath records were recorded.

The studios moved into the city centre in 1991, and since that time have
worked with a long list of artists including: Bieber, Barry Manilow,
Cast, Coldplay, Drake, Doves, Napalm Death, Russell Watson, Rhianna,
Take That, Elbow, The Verve, Pulp, Space and Paolo Nutini, to name just
a few!


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